The Correct Use of 20180830 High Speed Mobile Phone

 At present, the high-speed gas turbine mobile phone has been widely used in most dental medical units, but the gas turbine mobile phone has its particularity. Users must have a deep understanding of it in order to give full play to its advantages. This article will give a detailed introduction to this, for the reference of the majority of dental medical staff.

1. The needle used in the air turbine mobile phone must be diamond or hard gold-bearing material, which can withstand the cutting speed of more than 20 meters per second. The diameter of needle handle is 1.6 mm, which requires smooth and rust-free. Otherwise, the needle head in mobile phone will be damaged.
2. The needle or bare rod needle should be on the normal rail of the steam turbine handset. Never let the needle rolling head loose in the turbine shaft when there is no needle. Once the needle is started, the tie head will fall back and cover together, and the ball bearing will suffer too much axial force to cause damage.

3. Cutting pressure of needle: Cutting pressure should be controlled at 50-80 g, and then cooled by spray spray to ensure safety.

4, the good cooling of cutting parts is the importance of using gas turbine drill. Avoid dry grinding. In the process of cutting, there will always be a dead angle with less spray. The operator should always pay attention to it and adjust the direction of the mobile phone to avoid dead angle as far as possible.

5. Air turbine dental drill grinds teeth quickly, so medical personnel must have a clear surgical design beforehand, not consider while drilling, otherwise it will grind too much, or even destroy the teeth.
6. Cooling water mist during drilling and grinding teeth will affect the visual field of medical staff to a certain extent, so good oral lighting must be used.

7. It is easy to touch the wound cavity outside the high-speed revolving car. The mobile phone should be moved after entering the working area. It should be closed before moving. After the rotational speed is reduced to a certain degree, the mobile phone head should be moved to the outlet cavity.

8. While drilling and grinding the teeth in the mouth, the air turbine mobile phone must use a strong suction device to remove pollutants such as exhaust gas, water mist and cutting powder in time so as to reduce pollution and make the operation most convenient.

9. Air turbine handsets are very delicate and delicate. They can easily be damaged by falling or being hit. Users should be more careful, take and place them safely, and never put them on hold.
10. Daily cleaning and lubrication maintenance are important measures to prolong the service life of mobile phones. After each patient uses a small soft brush to clean the dirt on the head surface of mobile phones, pinch the car, open compressed air for a few seconds, blow out the dirt in the gap of mobile phones, and disinfect and sterilize it. After daily work, clean ejector is used to enter the mobile phones. The man-pipe interface is sprayed with detergent for 1-2 seconds.

That's all for this issue! Did you use the high-speed mobile phone correctly? Move your finger and forward it to those who need it. More dental knowledge, please pay attention to our company.

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