Twelve Common Oral Knowledge That Will Regret Not Looking at 2018-08-18

  Today, Do you know how important teeth are to first impressions? When people meet for the first time, the first thing they notice is the eyes, then the teeth, and the third one is the hair. However, people spend much more money on their hair than on their teeth. Do not pay attention to the maintenance of oral health, once the teeth have problems, the impact on life is not small, toothache distress, loss of time and cost of seeing teeth on life is not small, let this small edition to teach you how to take care of the mouth in advance!

1. Dentists always tell patients with gum disease to wash their teeth, but it is not only at this time that you need to wash your teeth. It's like you often need to clean the bottom of your shirt pocket so that it doesn't accumulate debris.

2. When people brush their teeth, they often brush only the surface, which makes it difficult to brush deep into the bacteriophage area of the mouth, but it is this place that gives off an unpleasant odor. So you have to floss every day and wash your mouth every few months. If all this is done, but the mouth still smells bad, you need to start with diet, or check if there are other health problems.

3. Electric toothbrush is one of the best tools in dentistry. They replicate the professional cleaning process, and although they do not reach below the gum line, they are usually superior to conventional toothbrushes.

4. If the hand bleeds suddenly when washing, people usually dress themselves or go to see a doctor. But when you brush your teeth, you brush blood, but you ignore it, and gum bleeding may indicate that you have periodontal disease.

5. If your breath is very bad, the dentist will not remind you voluntarily. Only when you ask, the doctor will tell you.

6. To maintain oral hygiene, you need to brush your teeth for 10 minutes every day. However, the average time for adults to brush their teeth is only 2 or 3 minutes, and the average time for children to brush their teeth is shorter.

7. If the mother's mouth is unsanitary, when she tastes the child's food hot or not, and then puts the spoon into his mouth, she also passes the decaying bacteria to the child.

8. Toothpaste is not omnipotent, and the new bright white formula is no exception. Although this toothpaste can remove the black spots on the surface of teeth, it can not bleach the teeth like bleaching agent. Only by using professional dental washing equipment can the teeth be thoroughly cleaned and whitened.

9. In many patients, a strange phenomenon can be found: periodontal disease often has a serious impact on the large teeth behind the mouth, but the front teeth of patients are very healthy. The reason is that people only brush the teeth that others can see carefully.

10. Smokers often use peppermint or mouthwash to cover up the odor of cigarettes. However, the odor of tobacco has invaded the gingival tissues, which are distributed in the mouth, so using peppermint or mouthwash can not protect teeth. If you want to remove dental stains, smoke stains and clean your teeth, please use our "Sandblasting Dental Cleaner". The effect is immediate! See, touch!

11. Parents often think that the baby's deciduous teeth will be replaced by new teeth, so they need not pay too much attention to their early teeth. But when a new tooth comes out prematurely and other teeth haven't fallen off, if not treated in time, the child's teeth will grow upside down.

12. Even if you have healthy gums, you should see a dentist twice a year. However, most people can't do it. They want to laugh too hard. More importantly, they should persevere!







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